10cc - Feel The Love - Homemade video w/ Schuyler & Charlotte

'Feel The Love' is like a complete misreading of everything 10cc always stood for: the comedy vocals, the silly chorus ('Oomachasooma', as in the name of a cupid figure the narrator pleads to for love), the warm lyrics about love and the 'Dreadlock Holiday' reggae backing ought to add up to the catchiest 10cc-hit-by-numbers in years. Instead it's a gloriously sly, sarcastic song where Eric jumps into love knowing full well the odds of finding a compatible partner are a 'million to one' and he's going to get burned - but he can't stop himself and 'ignore this feeling'. Nothing matters more than the one you love - it's the working out who you love that's the heart breaker.


Dátum: 12.10.18 12:25

Autor: missthing18

Dĺžka: 7:01

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