Prince Karma - Later B!*ches

What the hell do you mean I've got to wait in line?
This is complete and total bullshit
If, if I show you my tits, will you let me in?
Can you just, just take another drink with me?
Thanks, later bitches

Oh my god
This is like, this is like the best song ever
I just, I just love it so much
Shit, I don't feel so good
I shouldn't have had that last shot
Later bitches

Oh my god, I'm so horny right now
I shouldn't have said that out loud
I'm not like wearing any underwear, so, you know
Can I have another shot?
Hey, before we get out of here
Can you, can you just do me one favor?
Can you say, "Later bitches"


Dátum: 16.7.19 18:32

Autor: meshty95

Dĺžka: 4:10

Kategória: Hudba


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